Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flash Crashing Chrome

Is the Adobe Flash crashing Chrome browser in your computer? The two programs sometimes make a lot of trouble. Most of the times the problem is not fixed with minor tweaks like uninstalling/reinstalling the Flash Player. There is one tested procedure to fix this problem in minutes.

Here is this method explained for your ease, however, it is important you follow all the steps in sequence to stop Flash crashing Chrome:

Disable All Running Applications and Disconnect From Internet

Once you have disconnected internet, open up Google Chrome and type "about:plugins" in the URL address bar. A list of plugins will appear. You have to disable Shockwave Flash from this list. Also note down which version of Flash Player you are running in your computer.

Reconnect to Internet, Download A Good System Fix Tool

Download a good system fix tool available on internet to fix Flash, Active-X and other registry errors largely become the cause of Flash crashing Chrome browser. Keep in mind that the system fix tool is not an antivirus or antispyware. Rather it is a tool which fixes the internal Windows errors such as the registry errors.

People often call this important tool as the Registry Cleaner Software. Do not immediately start scanning through this tool.

First Uninstall Flash, then Scan Through System Fix

Uninstall the current version of Shockwave Flash from your system. After uninstalling it run the system fix scan to wipe out the Flash registry keys from the Windows registry and stop Flash crashing Chrome.

After Scan, Reinstall Flash

After conducting scan, download the latest version of Flash through the official Adobe web site.

Update Sound Drivers

Sometimes the outdated/missing drivers also become the cause of Flash crashing Chrome browser in many computers.

You can do this in the following way:

Device Manager > sound-card device working in your computer > Uninstall drivers for your sound card device > Restart system to update drivers.

The above guidelines have proved very successful in fixing Chrome Flash crashes. The recommended system fix tool for this process is Intel Software Partner, RegInOut. It is likely to fix this problem at ease.

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