Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Internet explorer 6 address bar missing

Internet Explorer is a graphical web browser from Microsoft Corporation for its Windows line of Operating Systems. The Internet Explorer 6 is the sixth release of IE browser from Microsoft. The Internet Explorer 6 is bundled with many new and advanced features as compared to the previous IE releases and is very stable. The Internet Explorer 6 is designed to provide an efficient platform to view web pages created in HTML format. Internet Explorer 6 comes with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Operating System and is the default web browser. You may face some issues with your internet Explorer 6 installed in your computer.

The reasons due to which the Address Bar may go missing in your Internet Explorer 6 and the techniques to fix such issues are:

  1. Reasons due to which Address Bar goes missing
  2. Change toolbar setting
  3. Fix registry

Reasons due to which Address Bar goes missing
If you have set the tool bar settings of your Internet Explorer 6 to not show or remove the address bar, then you find your Internet Explorer 6 address bar invisible. You may not be able to find the Internet Explorer 6 address bar missing if you have some issues with your computer’s registry key. You may also face similar issues if your computer security is compromised and your system is infected by malware programs.

Change toolbar setting
If you have the address bar missing issue due to the tool bar setting of your Internet Explorer 6, you can change your tool bar settings. For this you can launch your Internet Explorer 6, then navigate to the View option and then select the Toolbars. You can put in a check mark next to the Address Bar. If you already have a check mark, you can uncheck it and then again check it. If you have issues due to malware threats in your computer, you can make use of your antivirus program to scan and fix all the malware threats in your computer after updating it.

Fix registry issues
If the problem persists, you can remove the registry key for your Internet Explorer 6. Click Start then navigate to the Run Command Prompt, now in the Run dialogue box type in ‘regedit’ and hit Enter. This will open your Windows Registry; you can locate the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbar. Right click the key and then on the Delete option, and then click Yes to delete the registry key.

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