Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recover History in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is popular web browser with enhanced features. It has an excellent user-friendly interface and comes with several advanced features. It provides fast web surfing and quickly loads webpages. It is a fast web browser with advanced utilities that helps you to easily work. It comes with security features that offers secure Internet browsing. The features included in Google Chrome are fast searching, tabbed browsing, and Task Manager for websites, browser history, and quick launch bar. This web browser incorporates machine translation in the browser itself. It also facilitates the customization of your web browser. This browser is very simple in its design and also in its appearance. It will automatically block pop-ups.

Need to recover deleted browsing history in Google Chrome and ways to do so:

  1. Need of Google Chrome browser history
  2. Using Index.dat Analyzer tool
  3. Using System Restore

Need of Google Chrome browser history
Google Chrome history keeps paths of pages while surfing Internet. It maintains information about webpages which are visited while searching the Internet. With the help of Google Chrome browsing history, you are able to return to a previously viewed page. If you accidently delete pages or delete the history, then you need to recover them. There are also several options to recover Google Chrome history.

Using Index.dat Analyzer tool
In order to recover deleted Index.dat Analyzer history, you can use Index.dat Analyzer tool. For that, first you need to download and install this software application onto the system and run the application. For quickly searching you can use Filter. Then you need to select the item that you want to recover and save those selected items. Thus, you can recover deleted history from Google Chrome.

Using System Restore
There are several ways to recover deleted browsing history from Google Chrome. For that you, can use System Restore feature. It is a built-in utility that restores all deleted files. Select ‘Start’ and go to System Restore, and you can choose a restore point to which you need to restore the system to. The restore point that you choose must be a date that was saved before browsing history in Google Chrome was deleted. Using these steps you can easily recover browsing history in Google Chrome.


  1. will they work on mozilla firefox too?

  2. This is very useful information that you are sharing with us...Thanks a ton!!!

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    1. hello, kelly how can i retrieve my chrome history.... my email id mdsajid701@gmail.com

  3. i tried the restore one and the index one, neither worked, the out come, my family got away with making friends hate me...

  4. Will it work only on browsing history? or it is going to delete all files after the desired date(day which I am selecting to restore from) and make the total files in the PC as they were on that previous date

  5. I also tried System Restore and achieved negative results.

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