Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Make Mozilla Firefox Look Like Chrome

Why do you think Mozilla Firefox users choose the web browser over Google Chrome? Well, it is for the add-ons in which field Google lacks. However, Mozilla Firefox has liked the clean looks of Google Chrome web browser and has wished many a times that Firefox looked like that. Note that it is possible to make Firefox be similar to Google Chrome in appearance. The Google Chrome web browser functions very fast and is also popular among its users for the speed. On the other hand, the add-ons of Mozilla Firefox enable the users to customize Firefox for meeting their requirements as well as interests. Firefox also gains an edge over Google Chrome owing to its plug-ins and a convenient and more widespread support it offers than Chrome. Would not it be better, if the Firefox user can have the look of Google Chrome and also enjoy the add-ons of Firefox at the same time? Get a UK computer technical support provider to help you in accomplishing this task or you may also do it yourself by following certain instructions.

The Mozilla Firefox user must open the browser first. Then he/she must go to the Mozilla Add-ons home page and login to the user account. A user account may also be created if you do not have an account already. Locate the search bar and type Chromifox there. The user must select the option Chromifox Basic and then click on the Add to Firefox option.

In the pop-up box that appears, the user must click on the Install Now button. After the installation process is complete, the user has to click on Restart Firefox for completing the change. If there are any issues here, do not hesitate to contact a UK online tech support. Now you must return to the Mozilla Add-ons page and then search for Total NoChrome. Remember that Total NoChrome can be installed by following the same steps that were used for installing Chromifox.

There are some factors to note regarding Total NoChrome. It is actually an experimental add-on, making it necessary for the users to have a user account for downloading this. It must be kept in mind that Total NoChrome can be uninstalled or deactivated in the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Extensions tab. If you want further help on this, get in touch with UK computer repairs.

Now the user must restart the Firefox browser. The user should now be able to see a Firefox interface that looks like Google Chrome. However, the Mozilla Firefox users must note that the aforementioned steps will only impart the Firefox browser a look like Google Chrome; in no way will there be a change in the basic functions of the Firefox web browser and you cannot expect it to run like Google Chrome.
If you want to disable Chromifox, you may do so in the tab that is labeled Themes. If there are any issues or problems, and you get stuck in the middle while trying to carry out the steps, seek UK computer services for immediate assistance.

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